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I'm  Michael King

My Story


Michael A King JR,  His passion and challenges and life experiences have made him the Philanthropist he is today. Creator and founder of Island King Empire, Opiod Awareness Foundation; Michael is both a Visionary and Entrepreneur with tenacity. He is Bringing the Light into the Music & entertainment industry. Holistically combining Music artist distribution for thousands with talent and in need of access, promoting international festivals, concerts and wellness and beauty to benefit all stakeholders. Influencer programs, Media and Public Relations globally support the Foundation.  Spirituality drives Michael‘s vision and God has embraced him. In 2022 he co-founded CTF ventures to strategically align with and assist the Foundation with proceeds from investment returns.

Michael’s experience in business and his personal fight with drug addiction during has shaped him since a young age.  He is a warrior in life.  He continued training and helping others and then opened the nightclub Off Limits partnering with VP Poor Boy Music group and John Batista Lee. Alongside Spiff.TV he embarked on his journey in the entertainment industry. These venues catered to Flo-Rider, Jules Santana, Meek Miles, Ac Hood, and French Montana. Michael also launched Firehouse sports bar in Florida and the Palladium. 


Born in Pittsburg PA. In his early childhood he was relocated to South Florida between Miami and Fort Lauderdale with his family. Michael had the both necessity and interest to work from an early age where he made business cards, started mowing lawns; helped start pet lost & found and rescue businesses.  His ventures, employment, and skills include: working at Diary Queen, owner of landscaping business, dating service, luxury car rentals, and ASE certified mechanic that led him to start mobile auto repair Deals on Wheels.


Michael was then trained to become a pro fighter with American Top Team with Roger Krahl.  He got into combat sports and trained with the likes of Michael Moore three time heavy weight boxing champion of the world.  He also trained with Paul G, Todd Duffy super star Lou Pauly Charles, Sean Jordan to name a few.  He became skilled in Martial Arts and evaluated CBD as an alternative to opioids. 


Notably Michael owned the Jackie Gleeson mansion in South Beach renting to major celebrities, for special events, and marketing his Exotic Toys Miami luxury car rental business. Clients included DJ Khaled, Jamie Fox, BMF, Puffy amongst other high profile people.

During this time he moved between Pittsburgh and Miami taking care of his young family always. 

Michael’s life and journey is filled with peaks and valleys. From struggling with dyslexia to battling the inner city tough neighborhoods to getting married young and having children. By his mid twenties he saw the peak of business and its many by products (some not so positive). The challenges of dealing with drug addiction, stress for providing for the family, and financial loss all happened in a whirl wind. Today he stands still fierce in his purpose (although he is a gentle giant) to the change frequency of the world for the better with Opioid Awareness Foundation. Bringing to those in need his life experiences, munificence, and the blessings of God!