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I'm  Prophecy Onasis

My Story

Prophecy Onasis is a man who values faith and family and always has a cool personality to match. He is a father and husband at home but in the world of tech, he's known as Las Vegas mogul and CEO of rising company Radiant Media.

Prophecy sits at the helm of Radiant TV's Content Delivery Network platform, Radiant Music platform, and Clout9 a 3-dimensional content delivery platform. He is also recognized in the industry for his expertise in short and long videos along with programmatic advertising. 

The formulae he promotes for success is simple, to become a fast learner. Prophecy also believes in personal experience and examining the biological behavior of humans in groups as well as individually provides insight that few other tech leaders pay attention to when creating consumer products. 

Above all and everything, Prophecy is a family man. He adores his family in every way possible. He is never uneasy in expressing how much his kids encourage him to make more impact. He is grateful to God for blessing him with such a magnificent woman as her spouse. He says his wife never lets him accept a strike down, she is a master of the billionaire mindset, his best friend and his best motivator that inspires Prophecy to accomplish more in his life. The two of them share the same passion for ad tech even though Prophecy was the first to enter the industry.

Networking is a powerful way to rise quickly in the world of tech. Needless to say, Prophecy is the king of networking as he has managed to develop a partnership with American mega-company Roku. 

Although he has created value for major giants in his arena of technology, he still believes in courtesy and humility as a foundation. On top of everything he profoundly believes in delivering products that are useful to the public rather than of words. "Actions speak louder than words, skills alone are useless until one develops a worthy product out of it.", he says. 

Legacy and zeal to make an impact on the world is often a motivator that drives some entrepreneurs crazy. Prophecy is one among them, a man driven by the idea of leaving an influence on the world under all costs. 

He explains his strong vision in the desire to curate technology that simplifies the lives of people by bestowing them the control they have lost from other leading platforms that have received public scrutiny through possibly manipulative algorithms. 

He expects his legacy to be admired as the person who wanted everyone to lead a stellar life as he continues to create relevant and safe products for the marketplace through his unique skill set. 

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