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The Titanic is Sinking  On April 15 at 2:30 AM the famous luxury liner the Titanic sank into the North Atlantic Ocean.  As the ship sank the people who escaped into the lifeboats sat floating in 1/2 filled boats silently watching their loved ones and friends perish in the frigid North Atlantic waters only 100 to 150 yards away.  All they had to do was row their lifeboats to the drowning and freezing people and many would have been saved. But fear of the boats getting swamped and drug down with them kept them from saving their loved ones and friends.  The world is the Titanic, and it is sinking – many of our loved ones and friends are in the waters of opiate addiction and soon will become overtaken and drown in this epidemic.  We, who are either not addicted or who have overcome and are recovering, are the people in the lifeboats.  We have a choice, and that is to sit silently afar and watch as our loved ones and friends drown in this, or we are to row to them and bring them proper information and care to save them.  The choice is yours (ours) to make.      

 written by

    Michael A Trenga 

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