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We are the Opioid Awareness Foundation.  Our organization is geared up and ready to combat the opioid addiction that is sweeping through our great country. The opioid epidemic is affecting our American way of life, as well as a global effect, and we’re against anything that will lower us to unparalleled depths.


Fighting The

Michael A.
King Jr.

By Michael A Trenga 

he Titanic is Sinking  On April 15 at 2:30 AM the famous luxury liner the Titanic sank into the North Atlantic Ocean.  As the ship sank the people who escaped into the lifeboats sat floating in 1/2 filled boats silently watching their loved ones and friends perish in the frigid North Atlantic waters only 100 to 150 yards away.  All they had to do was row their lifeboats to the drowning and freezing people and many would have been saved. (read more)

We want to bring awareness to America through all of the various media platforms on a national level. Speaking at various institutions, attending events and conventions, and working hard on our community outreach program will ensure our mission to inform the public is met. We believe educating the public is the answer. (read more)

 the life of a boy who left school in the 6th grade. He grew up in an environment of white supremacy and later turn to addictions. Michael goes on a search for spiritual guidance founds Opioid Awareness Foundation six months before his daughter passed from Opioid Addiction herself.


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