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Directed by Michael Stover, MSc

Respond & Repeat

Educate & Entertain

Perform & Progress

Beats OAF 2.jpg

They know how to read, but dont know how to apply what they've read. Why not change up the lyrics? Create songs with the material needed to be be learned and watch the kids change their perspective of learning.

Create an atmosphere amongst the youth that they understand and relate to. Yes there is a time and a place to be entertaining and fun, but why not fuse learning and fun with movement and rhythm. In this program we act out the scenarios that plague our lives to learn from each point of view.

Every kid wants to be a rapper or singer in many of these communities. Many of them don't know what it takes to get there. By educating them on the pros and cons of the industry, we can prepare them for those challenges. Also opioid addiction plays a huge part in todays industry, this can also educate them to be aware and smart about their decisions.

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