Against Opioids


Fighters combating the opioid crisis on an international level using their platform to spread awareness to other fighters and fans.



  • To increase awareness to both members and fans of combat sports

  • Help fighters and fans better identify opioids and associated issues

  • Help fighters and fans better understand leading indicators of addiction

  • Help fighters and fans identify outreach programs to assist with managing opioids


  1. Podcasting

  2. Public speaking in various settings including, but not limited to

    1. K-12 Schools

    2. Colleges

    3. Prisons

    4. Treatment Programs

    5. Conferences

    6. Various public gatherings and events

  3. Sponsoring OAF through wearing of OAF wear/gear with all forms of Opioids listed across different gear and Put the Opioids Down

    1. Help raise funds through OAF combat sports clothing

    2. Have them on t-shirts with combat sports log

    3. Create public service announcements

  4. Create public service announcements

    1. Through video campaigns on various platform

    2. Through audio campaigns on various platforms