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I'm Taylor Perry

My Story

 Taylor Perry is a sunshine-state-native and a premium and globally-recognized SMP technician, barber, speaker, and media personality operating out of the Hollywood, Florida area. Perry started out as a barber during his early years and quickly honed the skills necessary to become one of the best at his craft. Years later, after discovering Scalp Micropigmentation, he realized that this was not only something he could do, but it was also something he could be great at. Perry has since been an advocate of SMP as a solution for hair loss and has also been one of the busiest technicians practicing in the world. The 38-year-old artist also has one of the highest-regarded training academies in the United States, and it enrolls and graduates about a hundred students every single year. Students both in-person and online earn the skills necessary to not only practice SMP, but market their services, improve their craft, build their following, monetize potential products, and much more through Taylor’s thorough and results-driven program.   

   Taylor is also on the board of the Opioid Awareness Foundation and their extremely innovative Barber Outreach Program, which provides a hub through barbershops across the country to tackle opioid awareness and increase efforts to battle addiction throughout the inner-city and additional affected parts of the country. Taylor is not only a member of the advisory board but he also acts as the executive producer and director of content throughout the Opioid Awareness Foundation’s social media channels and other various media efforts. Here, Perry oversees a collective of content creators, writers, and marketers that share the goal of increasing the scope, reach, and overall influence of the foundation. “Growing up we saw the effects of the opioid pandemic on almost a daily basis. Whether it was friends, family, or members of our community falling victim to the cycle, it had all become too familiar. I knew I had to do my part in making a positive impact. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it at the time” said Taylor Perry when asked why the Opioid Awareness Foundation is so important to him

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