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I'm  Tony Choy

My Story

Tony Choy is a Cuban-born artist with black, Chinese/Arabian ancestry. Born in Havana in 1971, he started his artistic career with painting as his first love. A passionate and precocious eight-year-old, Tony began working with several visual arts media—oils, abstracts, pastels, charcoals, still life pieces—while nurturing a preference for and emphasis on honoring his own creative vision. He attended a visual arts conservatory in Miami, and studied alongside adult artists as a young child. Unfortunately, he was somewhat discouraged by the intensely strict demeanor of his immediate teacher and decided to leave one year later. “I was very sensitive at that time - I wasnʼt happy there.” As a result, Tony turned his attention toward another passion: music.

Tony discovered rock music at the age of 14, which led him to trade his paint brush for a bass guitar. After years of observing and working with top-of-the-line musicians in studios throughout the world, Tony became a professional bass guitarist and gained millions of rock fans worldwide. He is known for his dynamic presence and unique, signature style of playing.

At 16, Tony recorded his first album with extreme-progressive metal bands Atheist, Cynic, and Pestilence (also known as the “Dutch Metal Masters of Holland”).
During his first recording sessions, Tony helped to from the a then-new genre of fusion music Progressive Metal.

Tony was fortunate to travel throughout Europe in the early 1990ʼs, gaining respect as one of the best bass players in the world and topping the charts with mega-musicians like Jason Newstead from Metallica and Tom Araya from Slayer. At age 24, Tony toured on cruise ships with top-40 bands and musicians. As he continued building his music career, he began shifting his focus back to his Spanish and Latin roots. This gave him the opportunity to form Code 305, which was ultimately signed by BMG US/Latin RCA records and went on to become known as the premier Latin-American band of its time.

From 1996 through 1999, Tony teamed up with powerhouse manager Bob Wilson, the founder of RNR (Radio and Records) publication, and Mr. Sam Riddle, creator of the legendary Star Search, a 1980ʼs pre-cursor to shows like American Idol and The Voice. In 2004, Tony returned to the industry with a new rendition of Code 305, renamed Area 305, produced and directed by Rudy Perez with works by artists like Jose Feliciano, Luis Miguel, Julio Iglesias, Christian Castro, and more. During this re-boot, Tony earned several number one hits on the Billboard charts (Top 20 Latin Pop, Top 40 Tropical), along with his first Grammy nomination. He earned a second Grammy nomination with J. Balvin and Willy William and their
groundbreaking hit, “Mi Gente”, which earned 2.8 billion views on You Tube alone.

Tony has been a part of the Latin music industry for many years and has made a big imprint in the Latin market. But his work does not end there. More recently, Tony was discovered by DJ/Artist Cedric Gervais, and under the Ultra Records label, the two collaborated on their first number-one hit entitled “Burning”. As a result, Tony has expanded his resume to include House/Electronic Music, becoming a highly sought-after percussionist within the genre.

Today, Tony serves as one of the top music producers in the entertainment industry. Recording for both mainstream and indie artists of all genres, he has established the Tony Choy Music (TCM) Entertainment Company, where he currently mentors and produces hits for many young talents. Interestingly, Tony also serves as a pastor with Freedom In Christ Church in Miami, a role he takes very seriously amidst all his many professional and personal responsibilities.

With years of solid experience behind him - and endless opportunities before him
— Tony Choy has gained respect as an incredible organizing force within the music business, poised and ever-ready to bring top-notch productions to the world and beyond.

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