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We are the Opioid Awareness Foundation.  Our organization is geared up and ready to combat the opioid addiction that is sweeping through our great country. The opioid epidemic is affecting our American way of life and we’re against anything that will lower us to unparalleled depths. For this reason, Opioid Awareness Foundation is fiercely opposed and will battle the opioid epidemic that is corrupting and killing American citizens, destroying families, and wasting our talent. It must stop. Now!   And we’re not stopping at just attacking the opioid addiction… We want to focus on all aspects of the problem… From prevention to the cure!  We want to bring awareness to America through all of the various media platforms on a national level. Speaking at various institutions, attending events and conventions, and working hard on our community outreach program will ensure our mission to inform the public is met. We believe educating the public is the answer.  With our desire to inform the public, ensure the proper treatment of patients, and establish the resources people can use to fight back against this epidemic, we see the war on opioids as something the Opioid Awareness Foundation movement can and will win! 

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