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I'm Guerby Mertil

My Story

Guerby Mertil: Football Mentor, Real Estate Maven, Community Advocate

With a 12-year tenure in real estate and hospitality, Guerby Mertil has built a reputation as a savvy entrepreneur with a keen eye for lucrative ventures. His visionary acumen was instrumental in the launch of DecoBike in 2009, a pioneering bike-sharing initiative that burgeoned into one of the largest of its kind before being acquired by Citibank. Demonstrating his versatile entrepreneurial spirit, Mertil subsequently founded Global Trust, a comprehensive property management and real estate investment firm based in the vibrant heart of Miami Beach, Florida.

But Mertil's story is not just one of business success. A former player at West Virginia State University and part of the inaugural football team at Florida International University, his journey reflects a profound love for football. Despite his professional football career being brief, his passion for the sport never waned. Instead, he channeled it into molding future NFL stars, leveraging his own experience and knowledge to guide aspiring athletes.

In a bid to give back to his community, Mertil partnered with Sly Johnson to support the Premier Athlete program, a non-profit organization dedicated to honing student athletes' skills and football fundamentals. This initiative goes beyond physical training, focusing on developing the mental acuity and on-field IQ required to compete at the highest levels.

Today, Guerby Mertil continues his multi-faceted journey, successfully straddling the worlds of real estate and sports mentoring. He stands as a symbol of resilience and commitment, striving to shape the next generation of NFL stars while leaving a lasting impact on his community. His story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance, showing that success is not a destination, but a continuous journey.

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