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I'm  MannyDavi

My Story

Unifying a passion for social justice with an undeniable talent for music and community building, Manuel Antonio Davila Morales, also known as Ras Emmanuel or MannyDavi, is a force to be reckoned with. Born and raised in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and currently residing in Kissimmee, Florida, this Rastafarian Reggae artist, community activist, and barber is a beacon of hope and positivity in every community he touches.

As an outspoken advocate for social justice, MannyDavi relentlessly champions the causes of the marginalized and disenfranchised. His tireless work in community empowerment has transformed the lives of countless individuals, underlining his dedication to uplift those around him. His heart beats for his community, and his actions reverberate with an unyielding commitment to making the world a better place.

Beyond his advocacy, MannyDavi’s musical talent is nothing short of extraordinary. As a gifted Reggae artist, he weaves a unique blend of sounds and rhythms that resonate deeply with his listeners. His music, brimming with messages of love, peace, and positivity, serves as a conduit for his profound beliefs, effectively touching hearts and minds worldwide.

MannyDavi's expertise extends further into the realm of medicinal cannabis cultivation. With a deep understanding of the plant's therapeutic potential, he offers relief to many in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and beyond. His efforts underscore his compassionate nature and relentless pursuit of alleviating human suffering.

When not writing music or advocating for his community, MannyDavi can often be found in the barber shop or his studio, offering his services with a contagious smile. His dedication to helping others look and feel their best is another testament to his multidimensional character.

Deeply spiritual and committed, MannyDavi's devotion to the Rastafari community is unwavering. As an invaluable member of the RASTAFARI BENEVOLENT SOCIETY of Puerto Rico, his impact extends far beyond borders. His life and work reflect a deep-seated belief in the Rastafari mission and ethos, inspiring all who have the pleasure of crossing paths with him.

Praise Jah! RastaFarI! Manuel Antonio Davila Morales, Ras Emmanuel, MannyDavi – a man of many names, many talents, and one unwavering purpose – to serve, uplift, and inspire.

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