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I'm  Michael King Jr.

My Story

Creator and founder of the Island King Empire and Opioid Awareness Foundation, Michael is both a visionary philanthropist and entrepreneur bringing Light to the world through tenacity and grit he forged across a lifetime of experiences that are on the scale of a Greek Epic. From dropping out of school in the 6th grade, overcoming dyslexia and drug addiction, almost being murdered, and even dying in the ICU, Michael became a warrior in life who used his education in both the intercity and the corporate grind to build a number of thriving and lucrative businesses to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Michael had both the necessity and interest to work from the age of 8 where he made business cards, started mowing lawns, mobile auto repair, and even helped start pet lost & found rescue businesses.  Michael went on to leverage his evolving knowledge and experiences to open a number of highly successful nightclubs and ventures within the entertainment industry, eventually partnering with music executives, During that time, he catered to a number of celebrities including Flo-Rida, Jules Santana, Meek Miles, Ac Hood, and French Montana. Notably, Michael partnered with Exotic Toys Miami Luxury car rentals and owned the Jackie Gleason Mansion in South Beach where their clients consisted of A-list celebrities like BMF, DJ Khaled, Jamie Fox, Scott Storch, Sean "Puffy” Combs, Shaquille O’neal, and many more.

Michael eventually channeled his warrior spirit and became a professional Mixed Martial Artist with American Top Team under Roger Krahl and Dr. Paul "Paulie" Gavoni.  After training with legendary fighters like former heavyweight boxing champion Michael Moore and UFC & MMA veterans like Todd Duffee, Charlie Rosa, Lou Paulie, Mario “Big Hurt” Rinaldi, Ben Stark, and Shawn Jordan just to name a few, he began re-evaluating his lifestyle and found CBD as an alternative to opioids. It was this watershed moment that led him down the path to creating the Opioid Awareness Foundation, with a mission to unify influencers and exercise their platforms as a means of promoting international awareness of opioid usage and associated issues to bring attention to the dangers and risks of opioid misuse and abuse.

By leveraging his diverse contacts within the music, entertainment, and sports industries, Michael is leading the charge to fight opioid addiction by facilitating international festivals, concerts, wellness and beauty events, influencer programs, media, and public relations to globally support the foundation. Spirituality drives Michael‘s vision and God has embraced him. In 2022 he founded CTF ventures to strategically align with and assist the Foundation with proceeds from investment returns. Though known as a gentle giant, Michael remains passionate and fierce in his purpose to positively change the frequency of the world for the better through the Opioid Awareness Foundation. 

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