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I'm  Michael Macias

My Story

Michael Macias is a dedicated community leader and advocate for veterans and natural alternatives to pain medication. Born and raised in Long Beach CA, Michael has always been passionate about serving his community. He was awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for his thousands of hours of community service, recognized by President Barack Obama himself.

Michael attended Los Medanos College and holds multiple associate degrees, including Behavioral Science and Administration of Justice. He then pursued his Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice at California State University of Sacramento. During this time, Michael founded CCAT, a security firm that primarily hires veterans. He continues to work with veterans in both career and mentoring capacities.

After personally experiencing the negative effects of pain medication, Michael discovered the benefits of cannabis as a natural alternative for his health conditions. He then pursued and received a specialty in Medical Cannabis from the University of Boulder Colorado with  certifications in Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain, Mental Health, and Brain Disorders. 

Michael is passionate about bringing advocacy and support to others struggling with pain medication and wants to focus on his veteran community, many of whom are in need.

Michael is committed to dedicating the rest of his life to bringing positive change to those who have fallen victim to opioids and other addictive substances. With his experience and expertise, he aims to provide education and support to those who seek natural alternatives to pain medication.

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