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I'm Renee Ronnie

My Story

Renee Ronnie has been a compassionate activist for children, seniors and families with adversities since age twenty. She also passionately contributes to the awareness of social injustices and has created unique programs to address the need for change. Her time is dedicated to awakening humanity’s fullest potential. A certified IPEC Life Coach since 2006, guiding individuals and communities and inspiring anyone in her path to live life at full soulful potential. After attending Syracuse University Renee Ronnie became a successful professional artist and was excelling at building her career when a tragic accident occurred and took the life of her youngest sister. The crippling undeniable grief her family was experiencing inspired her to create a non profit in honor of her sister. Being founder of this Memorial Fund enabled her to create an avenue of healing for family and friends coping with this devastating loss while also giving support to children and families enduring serious illnesses and other horrific adversities. MMCF is an intimate all volunteer non profit organization dedicated to children in the state of New Jersey. Thousands of children and families have been assisted over the years by this compassionate memorial fund. It is active now for 36 years. Renee is currently reorganizing and expanding this mission to a global reach. While working with children and families she realized the enormous need that existed to support children and families dealing with serious illness, poverty and other life traumas. Ms. Ronnie became an active board member of STOP Children’s Cancer as well as Children’s Miracle Network. She received a grant from VSA and created a program that incorporated art with health. This non profit support program served several hospitals and it’s patients using art for processing traumas caused with illness. Arts & Health empowered safe self expression, developing emotional intelligence, socialization, and healing modalities with community involvement. She was affectionally called the “fun lady” by the staff and patients. Her knowledge of how to use various forms of art to create a safe outlet for expression in the release of trauma and induce healing, as well as, the ability to bring communities together became the catalyst for the programs she developed. She also served as a member of the Pediatric Oncology Support Team (POST) and assisted in raising over $250,000 a year while providing daily support to the pediatric patients through art and coaching. Renee has directed and trained hundreds of volunteers. She went on to develop programs for Children’s Cancer Foundation and Connor Moran Foundation that included art, wellness education, and fundraising.  While active with Arts & Health in hospitals she was offered employment by the CEO of one of the hospitals. Without a degree or formal training she became the Director of Child Life for The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital at Saint Marys Medical Center. Her daily responsibility’s included hands on advocacy for 78 hospitalized children and their family’s. Renee was instrumental at networking with community and creating an interwoven support environment for the patients, families, volunteers and staff. Program development for children and families included teaching coping skills, meditation, art, distraction techniques during medical procedures and emotional support with education. All with the prerequisite of fun and play included. Also, responsibilities included department budgeting and scheduling. Ms. Ronnie developed the training for all pediatric volunteers and managed all visitations from various non profits, organizations and communities.


Ms. Ronnie has been an active volunteer for numerous non profits some of which include, The Star Foundation, Tico Foundation, Leukemia & Cancer Society, Little Smiles,Homeless in America, Voices for Healing, Shinji Sheumi, Stop Children”s Cancer, The Children’s Miracle Network,Tigger House, Opioid Awareness Foundation and The Benjamin School where her two children attended. Raising two children as a single mother in Florida when the opiate epidemic was riddled out of control with “pill mills” reported in her area, she personally experienced the devastating effects of opiate addiction and use when her family home was robbed by teen opiate addicts looking for money to feed their habit. One of those identified young teens died shortly after the robbery. This inspired Renee to assist other young addicts whose desire was to rehabilitate and create new lives. She had no insurance on her jewelry that was robbed and it was never recovered. At the time the jewerly was valued at over $250,0000. The loss of these assets brought great financial hardship and eventually the loss of the family home. Rather than persecute or fall into negative victim energy she used her skills and spiritual love to help those desiring to gain back their lives from opiate addiction. Wanting to further her skills as a healer she studied with many leaders in the field of neuroscience, spirituality, and became a certified IPEC Life Coach in 2006 .Her concentration is on connecting the entire being by balancing the mind, body and spirit with healing opportunities and enlightenment practices. She coaches using meditation, breath work, musical mantras, prayer, spiritual connection, art, journaling, gratitude rituals ,mindful awareness and releasing blocks with accountability. Renee also worked for the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute to educate herself on the value of food as medicine.This furthered her abilities to incorporate wellness using food for balancing the body into ultimate health. After 911 she created two major projects to assist in healing Americia and honor the lives taken that horrific day. The first project was Voices for Healing which she served as a board member and was also an active volunteer in many aspects of development . This was a successful sold out concert series of numerous high school choirs coming together to sing messages of hope and inspiration. The money raised was donated to families of this tragedy. Over a thousand children took the stage and participated in this inspiring series of concerts. Renee Ronnie’s second project was creator and founder of a global community art project called The Peace Prayer Flag. The flags successfully surrounded the entire site of the fallen towers of the World Trade Center on the first anniversary of 911 bringing prayers for peace and healing. Thousands of flags from across the world got collected and so many people responded that extra flags were donated to fire and rescue stations as well. The instructions for participation and donating a flag to be hung included a contract to set forth mindful intentions for peace within themselves and for the world effected. Each Peace Prayer Flag was a unique art drawing and the participants own prayer for peace. All the flags collected were drawings on pillow cases to represent our dreams for humanity and the vision and hopes for a better world with prayer. A world without man killing man. The intention was to offer visual support and a huge prayer hug to the families and friends that lost loved ones on these attacks. The Peace Prayer Flag project was greatly assisted by The United Nations, Japanese Shinji  Sheumi, Bed Bath and Beyond and other sponsors including Christ Fellowship Church.


The Peace Prayer Flags collected where assembled together by an all volunteer staff that continued praying while hanging these beautiful prayer infused flags. Another advocacy project was with a successful musician that attracted kids who had suicide tendencies and depression. His songs offered hope and he needed guidance on these kids reaching out to him. Together Renee and her client created a support group that is still active today and saving lives. Ms.Ronnie being a serious advocate for the wellbeing of humanity and the planet, expanded on her career once again joining the efforts of education and advocacy of medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Seeing the rise of PTSD and having the knowledge of the benefits of cannabis for this traumatic disorder plus so many other health potentials of this sacred plant caught her interest. She was an original founding member of CBD For Life and instrumental in launching the company to success. This company was later sold for $10M dollars. She went on to work with doctors and patients at the Community Cannabis Center educating the community, doctors and patients about cannabis and it’s healing properties as well as guidance to obtain the Medical Marijauna Card.This opportunity gave her the awareness of the vast senior populations addicted to opiates and advocating them to this safer choice for pain management.  She was also hired to reformulate and troubleshoot Patients Out Of Time a historical non profit that includes top scientist and major leaders in the field of medical cannabis. This is the oldest patient advocacy organization in Americia. Patients Out of Time provides an annual conference for the gathering of the greatest leaders, and renowned researchers for medical cannabis medicine. As a single mother she raised two children who have gone on to be leaders in their chosen professions. Both children now in their thirties are also compassionate about contributing to humanity. They have used art as a vehicle to support the under privileged and voice empowerment to the underserved. Each in their own unique way. Creating programs of wellbeing within communities and welcoming diversity with compassion and grace is where Renee Ronnie’s passion thrives . The Covid-19 epidemic and other ongoing current world affairs has created a huge separation. Her current employment engages the creating of united sustainable communities.She feels blessed to be part of creating heaven on earth, the promised land, using her talents, skills and creative compassion to inspire and serve. Renee enjoys meditation, prayer, spiritual practices, yoga, art and design, learning something new each day, and travel. Her most valued moments include time with family, friends and being of service. She believes in God’s promise and gives gratitude and praise of all accomplishments to the One Source that guides her daily. Ms. Ronnie is currently employed as Director of Culture and Humanitarian Strategies for OWVI an expanding global corporation serving underprivileged populations with opportunities for a better world with jobs, medical assistance, compassionate community living, and green technologies. BOARD OF DIRECTORS ( past and current) STOP CHILDREN’S CANCER CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK MMCF MISSY’S MIRACLES PEDIATRIC ONCOLOGY SUPPORT TEAM THE BENJAMIN SCHOOL VOICES FOR HEALING OPIATE AWARENESS FOUNDATION