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I'm Robert Blagman

My Story

A true, rare and one-of-a-kind global media pioneer / entrepreneur. At the start, Robert was appointed Vice President, National Sales Manager at Katz Communications. The youngest executive to be promoted to Vice President in the company’s 80-year history. Robert managed 91 TV ad sales executives in 21 U.S. cities and trained more than 25 sales candidates. During his tenure at Katz, Robert sold and created more than $1.4 billion commercial airtime billings. He went on to work with KCOP-TV in Los Angeles as Vice President, National Sales Manager and then the Walt Disney Company as the Vice President, National Sales Manager for Disney’s broadcast division. Robert worked with prestige Sports franchises throughout the United States including but not limited to The Los Angeles Lakers, The Los Angeles Clippers, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Dodgers, Anaheim Angels, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, Denver Broncos as well as eight International Summer and Winter Olympic Games, NFL Super Bowls, NASCAR and Formula 1 events. In the late 1990’s, Robert shifted his television management and commercial sales expertise to Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia. Robert created, developed, and managed three new TV networks in Eastern Europe (a post-Communist Eastern Europe). Robert created the sales division from the bottom up, training, managing, and setting budget goals, as well as, forging new business sales strategies. These D.T.C. / B2B / B2C transactional TV networks were named Shopping TV. Robert later partnered with Eicoff & Co. a division of Ogilvy & Mather and won the “Best Corporate Transactional TV Program” award for Kodak and was also named “One of The Top Ten Media Executives Leading Us Into the 21st Century” by Response Magazine. In 2004 Robert created the Media Fusion group of companies to serve the changing global media landscape. He expanded his consultancy to include advertising and marketing in more than 25 international countries. His annual marketing billing averaged $60 Million from 2002 – 2010.


Robert has consulted and or managed marketing for more than 70 varied companies since 2000. His eclectic group of clients ranged from The American Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, Christian Children’s Fund, North Shore Animal League, FAO Schwarz, Black& Decker, AOL, Invisalign, HGTV, Paramount Studios, Mattel, Warner Brothers and COMCAST (to name a few). From 2002 – 2011, Robert created and developed Poker After Dark for the NBC TV network. The series, billed in excess of $85 Million net profits for the program owners and networks. He also represented Party Poker, PokerStars, Pokertime, 888, Full Tilt Poker and other smaller online gaming companies throughout the world. Blagman is considered one of the top five online poker content distributors on the planet with more than 12 successful online poker TV and digital platform series airing since 2005. He had an average of 4,000 annual hours of programming airing throughout the world from 2006 -2013 (reaching nearly one third of the planets consumers). Robert is currently creating, producing, distributing and syndicating television and digital content for national and international TV networks and digital platforms. Robert has a keen and unique professional relationship
with a substantial number of media and marketing companies throughout the world as a result of these achievements. Over the past 17 years, Robert has focused his media and marketing attention on the continent of Africa.


Working with more than 55 media outlets throughout Africa (with a targeted focus on Sub Saharan Africa and South Africa) he has the ability to reach a critical portion of the 1.2 Billion consumer population living within the vibrant world of Africa. As an ever-present featured speaker at DISCOP TV South Africa, Robert has been working relentlessly in building and strengthening the media infrastructure for the African media community. Beyond Africa, Blagman has created a global unwired network of media content providers which has a cumulative global media reach of more than 700 Million TV/Cable and Broadcast homes and upwards towards 1.2 Billion consumers on digital platforms. This unwired network of networks offers brands, corporations, philanthropic organizations and content sponsors, in almost all scenarios, a guaranteed ROI. The same guarantees major global media networks offer to their clients. Taking 30 years to build, Blagman’s unwired network will soon be the home of the world’s first global network for the empowerment of women: MYTURN TV. Most recently, Robert is working with a varied group of global clients including More Sports Africa, The Gersh Agency, Dreamstore Media, Wutang Clan 2022 tour, Pullin Automotive Media, Basiclead, Kevin Hart Productions and New Tang Dynasty /EPOCH news. Robert Blagman is considered one of the top independent media content distributors in the world with historical billings exceeding $800 Million earned by his producers and content creators.

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